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Brimmond Group are delighted to announce and unveil a new animation video showcasing their modern marine crane rental fleet. Designed by Robin Hall’s PolyWRX Digital Media, this impressive piece focuses on the various applications that their rental cranes can be used for in the subsea and decommissioning sectors and the benefits that they can bring.

The animation pays particular detail and attention to the Effer 175000-6S, one of the largest knuckle boom marine cranes available for rental in Europe, and shows off some its’ multiple uses in an offshore environment. This includes the stacking of recovered mattresses on the deck of a decommissioning project vessel in a neat, efficient and safe manner, which can result in reduced main crane utilisation. Another great feature of the animation is that it highlights the ease that the knuckle boom crane can be disassembled and assembled, as the design of the crane allows it to be installed/uninstalled in sections keeping the maximum lift to a minimum. When installed onto a platform the crane is shown to be ideal for carrying out platform and vessel to platform lifts. Heavy lifting is also performed without the need to keep expensive vessels on site.

Key operating information for not just the Effer 175000 6S, but also other marine cranes in Brimmond’s rental fleets; the Effer 440M and the Effer 275M marine cranes is provided including details such as hydraulic requirements and lifting capacity for each crane. Overall the animation is great for showcasing the benefits that Brimmond’s rental fleet can bring to the decommissioning and subsea sectors, and it is available to watch on Brimmond Group’s YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook pages, as well as being presented on our newly designed website at:

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