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Professional oil and gas engineers want to work safely. Not just to meet rules and standards; they also wish to avoid any injury which could put their health or income at risk.

Bahco’s ‘Solutions for Safety’ range of hand tools and equipment includes:

Insulated tools: screwdrivers, pliers and other electricians’ tools, tested at 10,000V to ensure safe working at 1000V, all meeting IEC 60900 and many with the added assurance of VDE certification.

Ergonomic tools: designed and manufactured to fit the contours of the hand, well balanced ergonomic tools, pioneered by Bahco, can reduce muscular stress in the hands, provide greater comfort, cut vibration and help avoid blisters and pressure points.

Non-sparking tools: Bahco NS tools, manufactured in aluminum-bronze or copperberyllium, are safe for use in potentially explosive workplaces, where conventional steel tools might create sparks in the presence of combustible or easily ignitable vapours, liquids and dust. They can’t match the hardness of conventional tools so must be used with great care.

Tools @ Height: to help avoid tools falling or being dropped from height, putting at risk anyone working or passing below, Bahco’s Tools@Height range incorporates fixings enabling hand and power tools to be securely tethered to lanyards, bags, pouches and belts.

Carabiner, fixed loop, exchangeable loop, retractable and wrist lanyards, plus backpacks, tool pouches and belts are all available.

“Your safety is our concern,” says Alan Rankin, who leads Bahco’s industrial tools team in the UK and Ireland. “This year we’re celebrating 130 years of designing and manufacturing hand tools which help professionals work safely.”

To find your nearest Bahco stockist or obtain technical info visit:

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