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New Rate Totaliser Application Guide Available To Download

This new application guide from BEKA associates is intended to aid the selection of the most suitable pulse input rate totaliser from the extensive range of models manufactured by BEKA in the UK. It contains a brie f review of pulse output flowmeters and the associated terminology, including an explanation of what the number of flowmeter output pulses and their frequency mean.

All BEKA pulse input rate totalisers have similar functions and a common configuration menu enabling them to calculate and display total flow and the rate of flow in engineering units. This application guide takes the reader step-by-step through the simple rate totaliser configuration routine, including practical application examples.

BEKA pulse input rate totalisers include single and two input models for field and panel mounting. In addition to general purpose instruments, internationally certified intrinsically safe Ex ia and Ex nA instruments allow installation in gas and dust hazardous areas. Display backlights,alarm outputs, isolated pulse and 4-20mA outputs for retransmission are available as factory fitted options further extending the applications for these instruments.

BEKA also manufacture loop powered 4-20mA Rate Totalisers.

Contact BEKA on: 01462 438301

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