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Kongsberg Digital: Enabling digital transformation tops agenda for new Drilling and Wells VP at Kong

Gilbert Haydamous takes leading role within Energy division with focus on bringing cutting-edge KONGSBERG and third-party technology to diverse customers on the Kognifai digital platform.

Kongsberg Digital has appointed Gilbert Haydamous as Vice President Drilling and Wells within its energy division. Focusing on establishing Kongsberg Digital’s drilling management and decision-support solutions as part of Kognifai, the new digital ecosystem, Gilbert will lead further value creation for Kongsberg Digital’s energy division customers while exploring opportunities to leverage leading technologies to the benefit of customers in diverse industries.

Gilbert Haydamous – Vice President Drilling and Wells

Gilbert joins Kongsberg Digital, the 2016-established organization at the center of digital transformation for the entire Kongsberg Group, from National Oilwell Varco, a provider of equipment, systems, and components to the oil and gas industry. He holds a bachelor of science (BS) in electronics and electrical engineering and a master of science (MS) in general systems control from the University of Balamand. Appointed to a key role in Kongsberg Digital, Gilbert will use his technical experience, education, and deep industry knowledge to support digital transformation both for KONGSBERG and its customers.

“Digital transformation is accelerating the use of data for decision support and autonomous operations within oil and gas operations, but it is important that we break down the silo mentality to ensure that beneficial technology can be shared across industries,” said Gilbert. “We can make the biggest impact by elevating the use of technology for the benefit of more stakeholders. I am a keen believer that once digitalized an operation can be seen from multiple perspectives and used for multiple purposes. Consequently, we can deliver more value through an all-inclusive solution across a defined value chain.”

With Kognifai, Kongsberg Digital has taken the lead in building a sophisticated, cloud-based platform for customers to leverage the power of digitalization and develop new efficiencies within their industrial operations. While KONGSBERG’s proven and new technologies for customers in the oil and gas, renewable energy, and maritime markets will be migrated to Kognifai to allow more focus on data and its value to operational efficiency, the platform is also designed for third-party developers to make their innovations available across industries. As Vice President Drilling and Wells, Gilbert will play a key part in supporting these developers to leverage the potential for value creation that Kognifai offers.

“Together with our partners, we are developing technologies for infrastructure, diagnostics, and advanced analytics through to predictive and prescriptive autonomous solutions and applying it to multiple verticals and segments via Kognifai,” said Gilbert. “Digitalization is not new, but rather than delivering standalone solutions in industry silos, Kognifai is a foundation for investment in the future of data-centric operations.

With today’s rapid technology growth, there should be no room for thresholds and limitations, which is why the completely open approach Kongsberg Digital has introduced with Kognifai is so exciting for the energy sector and many other industries.”

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