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Texo Drone Survey and Inspection deploys world’s first UT integrated UAV system

Texo Drone Survey and Inspection (UKCS), the dedicated Oil & Gas services division of Texo DSI - owner-operator of the world’s most comprehensive and dynamic fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles is pleased to announce the deployment of the world’s first UT (Ultrasonic Thickness Testing) integrated UAV system.

The world’s first UT (Ultrasonic Thickness Testing) integrated UAV system.

The system has been designed to undertake a wide range of thickness measurement applications and is able to ascertain precise measurements on both flat and curved surfaces.

This UAV integrated UT payload has been deployed across a wide range of sectors, including both offshore and onshore wind turbine structures, telecoms and maritime assets.

With the ability to indicate, via a unique spot identification system, all UT missions are precise in acquisition and instantaneous in capture and delivery.

All UT UAV operations are overseen by Texo’s accredited and certificated NDT payload technicians, ensuring accurate data set capture and validation of acquired measurements.

Inspection data is combined with a precise photogrammetric visual overlay of the completed survey, pinpointing exact measurement locations on the structure/surface to an accuracy of sub 10mm - therefore providing clients with verified inspection data.

John Wood, Chief Operations Officer, Texo Drone Survey and Inspection Ltd said: “This is a major development in the field of inspection engineering. Client feedback has been indicating that this is an area of huge demand and we have worked tirelessly to bring this to the market.”

John added: “We offer an enhanced UT thickness measurement service to our clients, combined with increased safety to personnel and efficiency of data delivery. Like all our class-leading payloads, they are safer than traditional rope access and scaffolding methods and data acquisition can be twenty times faster than by traditional methods – representing significant efficiencies for clients.

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