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VEGA Radar Level Sensor: Simplicity, Safety and Security

SIL approval and IEC Cyber security standard for THE 6X®

As well as offering one of the simplest methods for model selection and ordering, whether for liquids or for bulk solids the VEGAPULS 6X level radar provides 1mm accuracy performance and measuring ranges up to 120m. It also features extended temperature and pressure capabilities, along with a dedicated second generation 80 GHz radar chip that affords greater diagnostic functions and optimal signal processing.

If we had to make a list of the most important innovations in VEGAPULS 6X, the radar chip would be right at the top. At the sensor’s heart, it is the pulsating technology that empowers it to fulfil the highest expectations in terms of precision and reliability. And this is mainly due to its ability to self-monitor during operation, which makes it possible to seamlessly and continually diagnose the sensor performance and its accuracy as a system.

This technology means it operates in virtually any level application you can think of - from measuring very light hydrocarbons in a storage sphere, high security floating-roof tank levels, to large rocks in a primary crusher. But some critical applications demand more than just ‘a reliable measurement’, they demand a high degree of safety too.

In light of this, THE 6X has now expanded its capabilities to SIL 2/3 conformance based on its highly comprehensive diagnostic coverage, while also adding in a new level of IT security, too. For SIL applications it has new test options to make verification easier, with the SIL-by-design architecture enabling it to utilise its full internal diagnostics for function testing. And, depending on the method chosen, it can attain a diagnostic coverage of up to 99.1% – a market-leading figure for a non-contact radar level sensor. In view of the increasing digitalisation in industry, another extremely important factor is ensuring effective protection against cyber-attacks. That’s why it also offers an I.T. security standard IEC62443-4-2, which means on your critical safety systems, you can combine both the highest cyber-protection currently established for the process industry with SIL 2/3. As one of the first field devices to do so, you can choose THE 6X when you need safety and security in your level measurement application.

If you want to know more, arrange a training session on this product, or get more information on these latest features contact:

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