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Dazzled by Floodlight Glare in a Totally Dark Tank?

A totally enclosed, dark tank in a hazardous location which needs inspecting, cleaning or repairing is never going to win a workplace of the month award. You need good portable lighting just to see where you’re going, let alone carry out the task.

If you’re working in a team there will be floodlights in use in different locations within the tank and the last thing you want is to be dazzled by the glare of your own light or those of your colleagues.

Aware of the problem Wolf Safety, world leaders in portable and temporary safety lighting, have found the ideal solution. Their design team has developed an easily portable LED task floodlight, designed to reduce beam glare when working in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The robust LinkExTM WF-250®XL Floodlite, easy to carry and more economical than comparable units, produces more than 3,000 lumens of white light, more than enough to illuminate a 5m square tank or similar space without dazzling.

With full application support available from Wolf’s technical team the WF-250XL offers an efficient, cost effective and highly versatile lighting solution for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, even in the world’s harshest environments.

The WF-250XL incorporates Wolf’s unique SOVI™ technology which alerts the user if lights are running outside certified and optimal voltage ranges, maximising safety and performance. Both LV and HV units are certified safe down to zero volts, as are Wolf’s WF-300XL and LX-400/E luminaires.

“Users tell us our more powerful WF-300®XL Floodlite, which provides over 6,000 lumens, is great but can be too intense when working in small spaces,” says Michael Morley, Wolf Safety’s Technical Director. “This new product not only solves that problem but also offers great lighting performance in confined spaces.

“It effectively illuminates work areas when using a limited power supply, providing the optimum level of light for working in confined spaces at lower cost. It’s also lighter and more compact than similar products, is easily carried and consumes less electrical power.”

Fully compliant with the latest ATEX and IECEx standards, including OPIS (optical intrinsic safety), the unit is fitted with a highly reliable LED array designed to provide at least 100,000 hours of working life. The product’s design and construction incorporate cooling fins which ensure effective heat dissipation for the LED array.

Linkable sockets enable numerous floodlights to be connected in a string from a single power source. Its low power consumption make the WF-250XL ideal when multiple light configurations are required: up to eight WF-250 units can be run from one Wolf transformer in different strings or configurations, helping operators to keep overall costs down.

Alternatively, other combinations include four WF-250XL units plus four of Wolf’s LX-400 luminaires (or two of the more powerful WF‑300XL floodlights), which can be run simultaneously from one transformer.

The light intensity and colour temperature have been designed to ensure maximum comfort for users whilst providing enough light to ensure the task is illuminated. A wide range of accessories includes magnet brackets, tripods, cable tidies and protective bags.

Designed with long term maintenance in mind, a wide range of certified spares ensures that most parts of the floodlight can easily be replaced in a safe area on site by a competent electrician.

Manufactured from marine grade aluminium the unit’s enclosure is tough enough to take the knocks, while its lens is made from toughened glass which is scratch, impact and chemical resistant.

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