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Trendsetter Wins Subsea Connection Systems Order from Talos

Specialised subsea solutions provider Trendsetter Engineering has secured a contract to provide TC7 Clamp Connection Systems to oil and gas firm Talos Energy.

Talos Energy plans to use Trendsetter’s TC7 clamp connectors and other ancillary equipment on the Bulleit development, which is located in the Gulf of Mexico’s Green Canyon 21 block. Trendsetter will deliver the equipment to Talos next year.

Trendsetter Engineering Executive Vice-President David Older said: “Building upon past successes, we are thrilled to continue to provide Talos Energy with our line of TC7 subsea connectors.

“The Bulleit order builds on a successful relationship that focuses on delivering a quality solution to support Talos’s Gulf of Mexico project portfolio.”

The family of subsea Trendsetter Connection System (TCS) has been developed to meet the oil and gas industry’s needs for reliable connector products. Trendsetter’s TEX metal‑to‑metal (MTM) gasket system is the crucial component of the TCS. The subsea connector and TEX gasket technology were introduced by the company to the industry in 2015.

Until now, Trendsetter has delivered more than 250 connectors to clients globally. Trendsetter said in a statement, the product line spans between 2in and 16in in nominal bore sizes, as well as multi-bore, 400°F and 20,000psi internal pressure.

Based in the US, the company provides specialised subsea hardware and offshore service solutions at a global level, right from exploration drilling through abandonment.

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