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Electric Boom System for Major UK Port Expansion

Several years ago, one of the large ports in the South of France required a boom system that would have an electric operated reel.

Only recently one of the major UK ports has gone the same way, as the electric reel can be moved around the port area and is based on the plug and play option.

Zwanny now have the option, together with Lamor, to custom build these type of boom reels. These have different options available – the standard diesel hydraulic option or the electric option, which would be 3ph 415v Ac 50Hz requiring 6KW of power allowing easy deployment and recovery using minimal manpower.

The Lamor ESR has a free-coupling that disconnects the electrical motor and allows manual rotation of spool in case of power supply failure or similar. The electric motor also has an emergency stop button to stop all power if needed.

The reel on its own is a heavy constructed model that can store up to 200mm height heavy duty oil booms like the Lamor HDB off shore rubber boom, or 225m of the Light (as shown below). Zwanny are happy to confirm the maximum storage capacity for each size and type of boom as per your requirements.

The reel frame is manufactured in steel and has got 4x ISO 1161 lifting points and a forklift pocket on each side of the frame as a standard and for easy handling both on and off shore applications. Marine twist locks and container corner guides can also be fitted if required.

The spool is supplied in marine grade aluminium and a Lamor HSR canvas cover can also be supplied ensuring maximum protection for the stored boom.

Zwanny have got a number of reels and a range of boom types and sizes in stock and Zwanny will be more than happy to quote you for any boom on reel requirements or if you have got boom that needs a reel or other storage we can also be of help.

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