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Nord-Lock Group Launching Game-Changing Solutions

Nord-Lock Group is a pioneer in innovative bolting solutions, with advanced technologies spanning bolt securing, bolt tensioning, expansion bolts and expanding pivot pins. With decades of experience solving engineering challenges all over the world, the company continues to develop new, innovative solutions to transcend beyond engineering as they enter the smart technology arena with upcoming releases of Industry 4.0 products.

Superbolt Load-Sensing Tensioner with Built-in Preload Monitoring System

As the global market leader of bolting solutions, Nord-Lock Group is dedicated to integrating smart technologies into their already ground-breaking products. The first of these Industry 4.0 innovations has arrived: the new Superbolt Load-Sensing Tensioner (LST) with built-in preload monitoring system.

With the LST, it’s easy to monitor the preload anytime, anywhere, without the need for cumbersome aftermarket equipment. This advanced product connects seamlessly, offering precise confirmation that the application is tightened correctly. No more re-checking or second-guessing.

And they took it to the next level by ensuring smart functionality throughout the life of the product, from installation through application and beyond. The innovative LST has been developed, tested and proven to address both needs for a live preload reading during the installation phase, and for remote preload monitoring during service.

Soon, the Superbolt Load-Sensing Tensioner will be joined by other Industry 4.0 solutions from Nord-Lock Group – the upcoming Boltight Intelligent Electric Pump (IEP). Scheduled for an autumn 2019 release, the Boltight Intelligent Electric Pump (IEP) is wirelessly operated and suitable for multiple tensioning applications up to 1500bar.

Auto Return Tensioner from Boltight For almost two decades Boltight have been a pioneering force in hydraulic bolt tensioning. During the upcoming Offshore Europe exhibition in Aberdeen, they launched the TSR+, a new and innovative auto return tensioner that promises to shake up the off shore oil and gas sector.

The benefits of TSR+ include its complete compatibility with current TSR tooling. The TSR+ also boasts an auto retraction time that is four times faster than its nearest competitor on the market, making it both a convenient and essential upgrade to existing equipment.

Apert from speed and compatibility, there are several other features that set TSR+ apart from other tensioners. Its durability has been tested to over 10,000 full pressure / full stroke cycles giving the TSR+ unparalleled longevity. Long life seals have demonstrated great performance also lasting 10,000 cycles on specific tool sizes.

To top it off , the TSR+ load cells have Boltight’s trademark surface fi nish, providing reassuring protection against the harshest elements. These are just some of the reasons why many anticipate a high demand for TSR+ tensioners in off shore industries such as oil and gas.

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