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A Change in the Marketplace

Being a small company can oft en mean you are able to adapt quickly to changing market conditions. This has been demonstrated by Lokring Northern (UK). Based in Altens, Aberdeen; where the MD, Ross Millar runs a thriving pipe fittings business.

“Our customers have traditionally used our product where they couldn’t weld. However, we thought it may be more cost effective to use the technology, just looking at the number of processes Lokring removes the need for,” said Ross.

Lokring took data from several operators, North Sea and further afi eld; from one fi tting to thousands. The same numbers kept coming back. Between 30 and 40% less than the cost of traditional methods.

A pit stop for your oil rig

‘Since the downturn in 2016, operators had to become more cost conscious, we have seen this in the way they are buying and hiring our equipment’

One thing that an operator would want is to do more with less. No more so than during busy shutdown periods that platforms and sites periodically enter. With vast amounts of work to carry out in every decreasing window, having something in your locker that can drastically reduce the time to complete some of that work can oft en be priceless.

With these clear and obvious benefits, Lokring is used on such Projects & Turnarounds providing more efficiency & reducing schedules. Training is provided to non-skilled personnel, so that coded welders can focus on large-bore or critical path piping. This means multiple trades can be stacked during Lokring installation, contributing to higher productivity and quicker turnaround times.

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