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Glamox Launches New Generations of FX60 and TX65 LED Lighting With Flat Glass Diffuser

Based on continuous extensive testing and operational experience over the last five years, lighting solutions specialist Glamox has launched new generations of the FX60 range of Ex-protected LED floodlights and the TX65 range of explosion-proof (Ex de) multi-purpose LED area lights. Due to a new flat glass diffuser, both ranges now offer improved performance and a more compact, protected design.

When the first generation of FX60 LED floodlights was launched in 2014, it was a game-changer for hazardous area Zone 1 floodlighting. By replacing the glass dome with a flat glass, the latest generation has a significantly more compact and protected design, reducing exposure to external impacts in operational applications.

The change of diffuser glass also means a reduction in the internal air volume, which represents additional improvements, as the Ex-related dynamic test pressure of the lighting modules is reduced by 60 per cent, which in turn, reduces the stress on materials and moulded joints in the manufacturing process.

In extreme conditions with high temperature fluctuations, lighting enclosures can experience humidity condensation due to repeated breathing (pressure alignment) between enclosure and ambient, even if the enclosures are tested to IP66 and IP67. A reduced internal air volume significantly decreases this breathing.

High Quality LED

The FX60 and TX65 Generation II also incorporate the latest versions of high quality LED diodes with high reliability in an extended operational ambient temperature range. Furthermore, the cable entering the module is now moulded inside to avoid the effects caused by cold flow of cable insulators and subsequent breathing via cable entry. The cable is stripped down to copper wire strands to allow mould filler to flow in-between strands. In addition, the cable entry is pressure-tested.

Comparable Light Distribution

Both the FX60 and TX65 Generation II deliver a comparable light distribution to the first generation, which means there is no need to make any corrections to existing lighting installations and designs.

Robust Design

To withstand extreme operational challenges, as well as a reduced air volume, the Generation II modules also include an O-ring between the glass and heatsink inside, as well as a gasket under the front-bezel overlapping glass, mould and heatsink.

Long product lifetime

The IC driver is relocated to the centre of the LED PCB. As the driver circuit is based on semiconductors, the heat management system ensures a long operating life for the LED + IC driver system. The interconnecting wires between driver and LED are eliminated in this new design, therefore providing a sturdy and reliable connection in harsh operational conditions.

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