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Digital Edge Subsea supplies the Oil & Gas industry, with their new digital video inspection system, the EdgeDVR.

The company was formed in 2009 and began trading in 2010. Digital Edge Subsea now have around 500 systems offshore and have a large rental pool of around 65 units.

During the current downturn, the rental market has been very strong and thorough for them and their rental partners around the world.

Throughout 2018, Digital Edge Subsea have been developing the next generation of digital recording equipment, due for release in early 2019.

The new Version 5 software and hardware, will keep the original mandate of being easy, simple to use and most of all, reliable.

The software will now come with 3 levels, EdgeLite, Edge and EdgePro. The hardware will also have 3 main types, Standard Definition, High Definition and their first 4K system. The EdgeLite version, will be an entry level unit, suitable for surveys and inspections, where there is no requirement for eventing. EdgePro, on the other hand, will have a higher level of eventing and reporting. The addition of a 4K(UHD) model is a reflection, of the latest technology, that is now being used on some of the latest ROV and diving systems worldwide.

In 2019 Digital Edge Subsea will also be launching EdgeLive - this is a subscription based live streaming and monitoring service. Users will have remote access to live video, eventing, photos and anomaly clips.

For low bandwidth installations and vessels, EdgeLive can transmit the video as low as a single frame per second, if required.

For more information contact John Benson at:

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