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GEODynamics makes key appointment for continued growth for Aberdeen operation

GEODynamics’ Aberdeen-based eastern hemisphere operation has made a key appointment.

Chris Chalker, Vice-President Eastern Hemisphere and Managing Director of GEODynamics (U.K.) Limited, has appointed Raymond Ross as Technical CGI Director.

GEODynamics is a leading researcher, developer, and manufacturer of engineered solutions for global perforating, downhole completions, intervention and wireline solutions.

Raymond’s 25-year oil and gas career includes roles at Paradigm Group, Weatherford, Petrowell, Well Dynamics and Halliburton.

From left, Raymond Ross, technical CGI director at GEODynamics, and Chris Chalker, vice-president eastern hemisphere and managing director of GEODynamics (UK) Limited.

His new role will entail the creation of computer-generated imagery to portray how GEODynamics’ technology and services work in a downhole environment to the benefit of customers. In one of his first assignments, Raymond produced animations and graphics which will be exhibited at GEODynamics’ SPE - Offshore Europe stand in Aberdeen from September 5th – 8th.

Chris Chalker said: “We’re delighted to add Raymond to our team. His industry experience and knowledge of animating and articulating the advantages of our technology is a huge benefit to our customers.

“We have made great progress since launching the Aberdeen office at the start of the year. We have introduced the Eclipse™ perforating gun system, which is a single-string, high shot density casing removal system for well abandonment. This system removes 10% of 9 5/8” casing per foot, greatly enhancing perf and wash operations. In its first North Sea deployment wash time was reduced by 50%, significantly reducing costs and improving efficiencies for the client. These are the type of improvements our customers want and the plug and abandonment industry needs.”

Raymond Ross said: “I look forward to supporting the sales and marketing efforts of GEODynamics. Oil tools and oil wells are complex, making it difficult to visualise the science and activity occurring several thousand feet below the surface. Digital animations are a powerful tool in depicting the functionality of our technology. As Technical CGI Director, I enjoy providing viewers the opportunity to see these tools in a virtual environment so operators understand what is occurring in their well.”

About GEODynamics

GEODynamics was founded in 2004, and is the industry’s leading researcher, developer and manufacturer of engineered solutions to connect the wellbore to the formation in oil and gas completions. Our solution-oriented product line spans the life of a well from advanced perforating systems and innovative lines of well completion tools, to the wells end of life abandonment tools. This includes our patented CONNEX® REACTIVE perforating technology.

GEODynamics has heavily invested in research and development yielding many new solutions. In addition to the Eclipse system the ABC™ gun system, a patented annular perforating system, along with traditional tools such as bridge plugs, cement retainers, setting equipment, and jet cutters will also very soon be available from the Aberdeen office.

GEODynamics is a global technology provider with a global network of regional sales and support partnerships.

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