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Rotaflow Swivels for Offshore and Subsea

We provide solutions that have enabled all manner of different fluids (including oils, fuels, corrosives, food) and/or air/steam to be transferred through awkward, and often, already established production infrastructure.

Specifically, in the world of Subsea and Offshore, we regularly provide Swivels for burner booms and umbilical hose reelers and we often assist if more complicated situations that may involve retro fitting a better solution or indeed assisting in the design of an improved solution: CALM buoy mooring systems, fire suppression systems and loading arms on bulk carrier vessels.

With 40 years of experience, we have designed and manufactured swivels to withstand and perform effectively when faced with many tricky environmental factors: Overcoming issues with heat, pressure, size and material choice.

Swivel joints will allow the movement on a slowly rotating drum or remove the damaging effect of twisting on hoses. We manufacture in Carbon Steel and 316 SS with “specials” in any grade of metal to suit customer specification: Titanium, Super Duplex, etc. With bores ranging from 0.25" to 40"; Vacuum duty to 20,000PSI and multi passaged designs allowing multiple flows of fluid though a single unit.

Rotaflow is a global leader in swivel joint design and manufacture. We engage with clients all over the world to produce swivel joints for a wide range of industrial uses, from drilling and mining, food and drink production, pharmaceutical, process and plant, to subsea oil and gas extraction.

We have off-the-shelf solutions that are ready to go, or we can redesign and in-house manufacture to enable a quick turn- around with minimal fuss and maximum design experience.

To find out more please visit our website and/or give us a call.

+ 44 (0) 1663 735003


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