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Peli Safety Lighting – Rugged and Rechargeable

Peli Products (UK) Ltd offer a wide range of ATEX approved lighting products for professionals working in hazardous areas. Each torch in the Peli™ safety range is certified to current ATEX requirements for Zone 0 or Zone 1 and is ideal for industrial and offshore use.

The range includes small compact torches through to large rechargeable hand lamps and work lights.

In the Zone 0

The 9415 Zone 0 is a tough safety light, ideal for industrial and offshore use. This rugged LED light is rechargeable and will run for up to 11 hours from a single charge.

ATEX certified for use in Zone 0 hazardous areas, the 9415 LED has 3 light modes: High, Low & Flashing and a battery charge level indicator (Green, Amber, Red).

The powerful beam cuts through smoke and fog. This unit is designed to stand on end, to give a stable work area light with a 120° pivoting head to angle the beam exactly where required. A sure grip handle provides a comfortable and non‑slip grip with an extra‑large space to accommodate gloved hands.

Sales Director David Smith commented, “The 9415 is an incredibly tough light. This high‑quality product includes some excellent features and represents the next step in Peli’s evolution of professional lighting. As one of the early adopters of LED technology, this also sees the completion of the switch away from older incandescent technology.”

For hands free use, Peli have a wide choice of ATEX head torches which include straps for head or helmet use, directional beams and switches designed for use with gloved hands.

Professionals have chosen the Peli brand for many years; trusting in the reliability, performance and durability of the products in the most testing conditions.


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