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KBA Training Centre Pte Ltd Launches NEW Online Training Course

KBA Training Centre Pte Ltd, has launched their revised and ‘NEW’ Diving System Inspector course via ‘online learning’. The course is created in response to IMCA’s announcement on 30 July 2021 on the implementation of IMCA Accredited Diving System Inspector (ADSI) Scheme in 2022.

The Diving System Inspector Course is curated for personnel in the offshore energy diving industry who aspire to embark on a career as a Diving System Inspector. The course aims to fill the gap in the industry with skilled personnel with the academic competencies to conduct objective auditing of diving systems.

The newly launched Diving System Inspector course is realigned to meet demands of today’s learner’s market with accessibility anywhere, anytime. It will be a fully online interactive course consisting of seven modules with real-life scenarios and shared experiences, lessons learnt, three hours of short videos, quizzes, podcast, and key learning takeaways. The course content is aligned with ISO19011 and IMCA’s Guidance, and the technical and theory aspects of the requirements.

Upon completion of the theory elements online, candidates will be required to complete practical diving system inspection exercises online including identifying system examples via photographs. This will gauge the candidates’ understanding of the learning covered and demonstrate their ability to implement the competencies learnt.

“This online course sets a new precedent for our industry regarding the learning experience and how the content is shared. With the recent changes in how we do things, from work, study, and implementation of new skills, training

remains a dynamic activity, whereby individuals need to progress in their careers, develop competency and ensure the workplace is safe. This course provides the full package of engaged theory lessons, examinations and practical assessments that are required to be completed and submitted for review. The course content is designed based on the wealth of experience from thousands of diving system audits conducted over 20 years,” said Darren Brunton Managing, Director of KBA Training Centre Pte Ltd.

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