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Lokring – for when you need a better connection

Lokring fittings offer a permanent, metal to metal, leak free connection that joins two pieces of pipe or tube together to the same standard as a buttweld without the need for hot work. A Lokring installation is a fraction of the cost of a weld and generally takes 15 minutes to install.

We have helped hundreds of companies in many industries save time and money in constructing and repairing process pipework. A prime example of this is how Lokring fittings have replaced welded joints on all level one safety critical applications on the Astute Class Nuclear Submarines, with over 7,500 fittings installed by BAE systems on each vessel.

Lokring fittings have proven use as a repair method in subsea

environments being installed by both ROV and divers. Welding small bore pipe or tube can be a costly and lengthy process that detracts resources which could be better used elsewhere.

If you would like to learn more about how Lokring’s cold weld technology could benefit your operations then please contact our Aberdeen HQ.

Why weld?

Tel: +44 1224 878 877

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