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Internationally-Recognised Training and Certification with TWI’s Underwater Inspection Courses

With a global reputation as the go-to provider of training and certification in NDT, welding and inspection courses covering plant, coatings, welding and underwater inspection, TWI training and certification can provide the skills and qualifications to boost your employment opportunities.

Among the most popular courses are those within the Underwater Inspection Programme, which provides all the skills and qualifications for divers to become underwater inspectors. With a detailed knowledge and first-hand experience of subsea inspection, TWI instructors fully understand the implications of underwater inspection and the associated diver/ROV requirements.

TWI’s purpose-built underwater inspection

training facilities in Middlesbrough in the UK and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia include modern classrooms, deep water dive tanks and the latest equipment, while a combination of multi-media materials and hands-on practical training make learning interesting and more enjoyable.

TWI’s Underwater Inspection Training programme includes the following courses:

• Introduction to Subsea Inspection

• CSWIP 3.1U – NDT Inspection Diver

• CSWIP 3.2U – NDT Inspection Diver

• CSWIP 3.3U – ROV Inspector

• CSWIP 3.4U – Underwater Inspection Controller

Underwater inspection is just one of the areas that leads to internationally-recognised certification issued by the CSWIP Certification Scheme, ensuring that you can prove your competence and professionalism to employers around the world. CSWIP is one of the most highly regarded providers of certification in Welding, NDT, Inspection and allied disciplines, meaning that you can be sure that your qualification can help you take your next career steps.

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