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For nearly 40 years Middlesbrough based QA Weld Tech has been offering welding and fabrication services to the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry. Starting in a single unit on Riverside Park Industrial Estate the company now occupies eight adjacent units, each containing a supporting activity to the Company’s core business; A North East equipment producing dimensionally critical components for severe service applications.

One of the products that QAWT has specialised and has particular expertise in, is the fabrication of high-pressure containing spools for subsea Trees and Manifolds. In-house CNC machining capabilities and the latest pressure testing facilities support the production of fully CRA inconel clad spools in high strength carbon and alloy steels, as well as a separate clean condition workshop producing spools in Super Duplex and solid nickel alloy 625. Once tested and coated the parts are specially packed and exported around the World.

QA Weld Tech’s Managing Director, Charles Tighe, says; “The Company began as a specialist welding resource for clients looking to access the services of our experienced Metallurgists and Welding Engineers when welding components that would be subject to the harsh environments subsea oil and gas production systems are deployed in. Our expertise in developing suitable weld procedures and fabrication techniques for high profile projects gave clients the confidence to subcontract more of the work scope to us, relieving them of the complex and expensive process of managing a supply chain that encompassed forging procurement, machining, induction bending, welding and fabrication, pressure testing and coating. Today we are involved before the parts are finally designed, advising on material choice and assisting with design for best manufacture. Our business has grown from offering specialist welding to providing a turnkey service, delivering a fully completed component in a box, ready for installation.”

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