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LMK Thermosafe have manufactured robust hazardous and safe area industrial heaters for drums and containers for over 30 years.

Standard product groups include a selection of sizes for pressurized gas cylinders, using designs with adjustable surface temperature thermostats for safe areas or their new INTELIHEAT™ Flexiplus models where there is risk of explosion. These new jackets are fully ATEX certified for use in Zone 1 and 2 Hazardous Areas and come in a variety of sizes. Custom sizes can also be designed and produced quickly.

Many industrial processes require a constant flow of gas to be delivered, and this is normally supplied from pressurised cylinders containing gas in liquid phase. If the level of liquid reduces fast, frosting can occur on the surface of the cylinder and flow rates can be adversely affected. Our gentle and insulated heating solutions can prevent this phenomenon and restore stability to the flow rate. This is particularly important when using calibration gases where repeatability is vital. Note that separate over-pressure safety systems should always be in place to meet health and safety requirements.

We can design jackets for most cylinder sizes, with our standard “HHG” being a popular size normally available for immediate delivery. Where adequate environmental protection is available, larger horizontally mounted outdoor cylinders can also be heated.

The IHF/G certified jacket does not normally require temperature control, but a thermostat is available as an option in some circumstances.

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