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With TE, you have unlimited opportunity with one of the widest ranges of underwater electrical and fiber optic connectors anywhere in the world. This range of connectors covers not only optical, signal, and power, but hybrid connectors mixing these capabilities in a single unit. Our broad range of cable, connectors, penetrators, sensors, and switches gives you the flexibility to configure the ideal connector system for your most extreme applications.

The release of our HydraElectric electrical wet-mate connector follows our field proven HydraLight connector in joining our subsea distribution portfolio. TE’s HydraElectric wet-mate connector has been designed, developed, tested and qualified in accordance with the latest industry standards and customer specifications. The design features a modular construction that enables many configurations to be assembled from a minimum number of components. Industry standard panel, bulkhead and stab plate interfaces have been met enabling the opportunity for the HydraElectric wet-mate connector to replace incumbent product with no impact to customer hardware.

Qualified to 4,000m, the HydraElectric is manufactured from Super Duplex stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance and strength, and boasts up to a 30 year design life.

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