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With 49 valuable years in the industry, Destec Engineering has experience in abundance to ensure that the products and services provided are of the highest quality each and every time. The PLC was founded by its current owners in 1969, and they haven’t taken a backward step ever since.

The key strength of Destec is that no work is subcontracted out, unlike many of the competitors. This means that Destec has more control over its own products, with everything manufactured, inspected, tested and packaged on-site. Everything that leaves the Destec site is the fully finished article.

One of Destec’s latest CNC machines with 2.5m bed.

Destec has developed a number of on-site portable machines which are to be stationed out in South East Asia this year. This means that in the case of an emergency, somebody can respond quickly and a machine will already be in the area. Developing this machinery has expanded Destec’s presence in South East Asia, and highlighted the team’s outstanding capabilities.

The company comes up with innovative ways to approach certain situations and on occasions, the team have pioneered certain approaches – particularly when it comes to the concept of on-site machining.

"Over the course of the last few years we have entered into new areas and opened new distributor agreements with new companies. We have set up in places like Brazil, China and India recently, so we are now looking to expand into areas dominated by our competitors – such as the Middle East and the Caspian regions." Mark Lamyman of Destec Engineering.

The enquiries are coming in for Destec from these areas, but the next six months is about getting a real foothold in the new locations. The key challenge is knowing what the oil and gas market is going to do in the coming months and years. Obviously the last four years have been quite turbulent, but Destec are confident of coming out the other side unscathed.

"Many companies aren’t here anymore because of the turbulence with oil and gas in recent years. We have calculated the risks and ensured the right amount of stock materials are going into Destec." Continued Mark Lamyman.

Destec Engineering will continue to monitor the speed at which the market is moving. This may be improved by the influx of technology, which Mark Lamyman only sees as a good thing. More engineers, more sales people and a higher level of enquiries coming in is needed now, but technology puts companies like Destec in the prime position to progress effectively and with more investment into it’s facility.

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