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Precision measurement you can depend on:

No matter how challenging the task or workplace they have to deal with, engineers and technicians know they can always rely on Bahco torque wrenches and screwdrivers for precise measurement and quality ‘feel.’

Designed and manufactured to withstand the toughest conditions, they are ideal for oil and gas industry use.

Electronic torque wrenches are available in several versions, including reversible head, fixed ratcheting or angle wrenches, manufactured in either aluminium or metal.

Bahco also make electronic torque screwdrivers with fixed settings and an ergonomic screwdriver set with eight interchangeable blades, ideal for tightening precision fasteners.

Several wrenches with scale, a break back version and a mechanical torque wrench with interchangeable head, plus torque wrenches with pre-set torque values and adjustable torque screwdrivers are all within the range, along with an electronic torque and angle measuring adaptor, ratchet inserts and a digital torque tester.

Tough toolboxes

Oil and gas engineers on the move need toolboxes strong enough to take the knocks, onshore or offshore, whatever the weather and workplace.

Bahco’s ergonomic tool boxes and cases, developed with independent advice from engineers, improve safety, boost efficiency and save time.

Clearly displaying every tool or group of tools in colour coded profiled drawers enables engineers to find what they need without delay.

Bahco’s 4750 heavy duty rigid tool case is virtually indestructible. It is corrosion, water and dust proof, ideal for use in a wide temperature range.

Tool assortments designed to fit the profiled drawers of the 4750 include ratchet and socket sets,

ergonomic screwdrivers and side cutting pliers. A wide range of non-sparking tools is also available.

Visit: to see the full Bahco range of torque tools and tool management solutions.

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