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March 31st 2018 marked a new standard for the global wind industry when members of the GWO announced that from the date they required Technician’s working on their wind turbines to have a valid GWO BTT certificate.

As a certified GWO Training Provider, HTL Group recognised the demand for the Basic Technical Training and their team of Technical Trainers deliver BTT courses on demand at their Cramlington Training Centre of Excellence.

Developed in response to the demand for basic technical training in the wind industry, the GWO BTT covers 3 modules focusing on Hydraulic, Mechanical and Electrical technical elements.

Ideally suited to all Technicians who are involved in the installation, service and maintenance of wind turbine generators and wind power plants, the BTT focuses on delegates who have no previous mechanical, hydraulic and electrical experience and also those who wish to upskill and have some knowledge of these areas.

Global Training Provider HTL Group, have been serving the industry with a portfolio of Wind Energy tailored courses, saw the GWO BTT Standard as a necessary and fitting addition to the range of courses delivered at their Cramlington Training Centre.

Bob Fogerty, Group Technical Director comments: "The introduction of the GWO BTT at our Cramlington Training Centre was a necessity for HTL. We recognise the demands placed on Technicians and GWO members and we want to use our technical capabilities to continue to support the Wind Industry as much as possible. The feedback from delegates attending our GWO BTT courses has been extremely positive. This reinforces HTL’s objective and capability to deliver a quality service in a first class training environment."

Developed from risk assessments, factual incidents and accident statistics, the GWO BTT course will enable delegates to be able to perform basic hydraulic, mechanical and electrical tasks under supervision of an experienced technician.

To find out more, or to arrange a visit to HTL’s Dedicated Training Centre simply contact HTL’s Training Team on: +44 (0) 1670 700 005

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