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Axair Fans - Industrial Fans for Offshore Platforms

Offshore oil and gas platforms incorporate a wide range of fan applications from production areas, power generation and compressor cooling. Offshore sites are built to withstand the harsh and corrosive environments in which they’re situated, and therefore components within systems must be suitable for purpose. Where hazardous gases are present, ATEX variants are required and should be specified by the system manufacturer’s maintenance manuals to advise the zone that the components should be certified to. Corrosion resistant fans that are open to the external elements should be used, special paint grades are available depending on the corrosivity of the environment. This extends the life of the components and ensures the optimum performance level.

Axair Fans - Industrial Fans for Offshore Platforms

Offshore Applications

Gas Turbine Enclosures

Gas turbine enclosures often feature a single fan ventilation system: Enclosure ventilation is provided by a single motor-driven fan. This motor is typically 3-phase AC, high efficiency, with Class F insulation. The fan is sized to provide the airflow required to ensure that the internal air temperature around the enclosed equipment remains within acceptable limits. Sometimes, for additional ventilation or certification requirements, a dual fan ventilation system may be required. Given that the turbine contains gas, the main aim is to reduce the risk developed from a build-up of hazardous gases by effectively ventilating, ATEX cased axial fans for both supply and exhaust of these gases are often used.

Compressor Cooling Enclosures

Compact acoustic enclosures that house generators and compressor equipment can often result in high levels of resistance for the air that is circulated around the enclosure. High pressure cased axial fans are used to overcome the resistance while also supplying sufficient airflow to facilitate effective cooling. These compressor cooling enclosures need to be ventilated for both the removal of heat rejected from the engine and other components but also to ensure the correct dilution of explosive gases in case of a leak.

Production Platforms

Power generation on offshore platforms has substantial ventilation requirements. It’s often common for an offshore platform to produce its own energy therefore providing combustion air for fans within engine room ventilation systems that have been designed and built to remove radiated and convective heat is required. Axial fans such as the ANDB are suitable for use within engine room ventilation.

Axair Fans has close supplier relationships with innovative supplier partner Casals Ventilation and can provide a wide range of medium and high pressure centrifugal and axial fans painted to marine grade specifications to avoid corrosion.

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