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Work Class ROV Systems for Deep Water Operation

Film-Ocean's Work Class ROV systems include both the Schilling Heavy Duty Work Class and Quasar 150HP Work Class. The Schilling HD ROV is rated at up to 4000m water depths and is supported by an Active Heave Compensation Launch and Recovery System. The Schilling HD has been in demand and already completed several offshore wind, and oil and gas work scopes.

“The Schilling Heavy Duty Work Class ROV is a great addition to our growing fleet and will enhance the services that we can offer our global clients. Our clients are operating in greater water depths, and the 4000m rated Work Class ROV enables us to provide clients with services in ultra-deep locations,” says Scott Jenney, CEO of Film-Ocean.

Working at depths of up to 3000m Film-Ocean's Quasar 150HP Workclass ROV is a medium-sized high-power Q-Series Workclass ROV offering high thrust performance, tooling/instrument capability, instrument space and ease of access for maintenance, utilising the latest multi-platform CurvetechTM components. In addition, the Quasar ROV systems are fitted with enhanced survey upgrades which accommodate a variety of sensors and tools.

The Quasar system is contained within control containers, allowing the equipment to be installed on a vessel's back deck or on a fixed/ floating platform, which can help reduce costs during mobilisation. The Quasar performs a selection of complex tasks required by the offshore energy and marine sectors, including surveying, IRM, drill support, and construction.

The Work Class ROVs offer a wide tooling capability which can include CP equipment, pipe tracker, dredger, grinder, cutter, shears, diamond cutting tool, linear override actuator tools, water jetting systems, torque tool, and more.

Film-Ocean offers an extensive track record in performing subsea inspection and technical support to oil, gas, and renewable energy industries.

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