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Wolf Provides Certified Lighting for Safe Use in Hydrogen Atmospheres

Hydrogen, a clean, carbon neutral energy source emitting no CO2, is often described as the fuel of the future, though it’s already used across a growing range of applications in the UK and overseas.

While acknowledging that hydrogen’s ‘green planet’ credentials are highly encouraging, technical experts at Wolf Safety believe the risks it can potentially cause should not be underestimated.

Hydrogen is an element which creates a highly hazardous explosive atmosphere, not only because of its low ignition and high combustion properties but also due to its tendency to leak easily from storage tanks.

A number of explosions within hydrogen refuelling stations and storage locations have drawn attention to its volatility.

Wolf Safety, global leaders in the design and manufacture of portable and temporary lighting for use in hazardous areas, are well aware of hydrogen related risks and offer safe, certified lighting solutions for use in hydrogen atmospheres.

Says Michael Morley, the company’s Technical Director: “It is important that while developing new applications for hydrogen in pursuit of green and clean solutions, no-one should lose sight of its potential to cause explosion.

“Engineers and technicians working in locations where hydrogen, or other explosive gases or vapours, could be present can be confident that Wolf has a safe, certified and effective portable and temporary lighting solution which can be tailored to meet their specific needs.

“The use of ATEX or IECEx certified lighting is a vital safety precaution in hydrogen atmospheres.”

The company’s range of portable lighting, temporary lighting and power distribution solutions includes products already certified for safe use in workplaces where hydrogen gas could be present.

They include Wolf’s robust yet highly portable WF-300®XL and WF-250XL LED floodlights which are used worldwide, especially by engineers inspecting, repairing and maintaining storage tanks in the oil and gas industry.

Mains and low voltage versions of floodlights and luminaires, battery powered LED work lights, torches, handlamps, head torches and warning lights are also available from Wolf Safety.

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