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Positive Market Response to NXG-MACS (Multi-Activation Circulating Sub) Innovation

NXG Drilling Services is expanding its technology-focused range of tools by launching the much anticipated NXG-MACS (Multi-Activation Circulating Sub) onto the energy market.

NXG, an oilfield service company focused on innovation, says the tool has been specifically designed and developed to reduce rig time and overcome persistent operational constraints associated with the current market technology.

Rod Coffey, Chief Executive at NXG, said: “This is another exciting period for NXG. Our NXG-MACS is a game- changing innovation which we are confident will soon become established as a leading technology on the energy market.

“The NXG-MACS offers on-demand activation, without the need to drop a ball or dart. This can lead to a significantly quicker operation and, in turn, deliver substantial cost savings in terms of rig time. This is the first in a range of tools we’re looking to bring to the market utilising our patented MACS technology.”

The tool was designed and manufactured by the firm’s local, in-house engineering team based at its facility located at Ness Point, Altens Industrial Estate, Aberdeen, UK.

Rod added: “The 6 ¾" version of the tool is now ready to go following thorough testing and we have several trial runs lined up. Our clients recognise the need for any operation to be run both efficiently and safely, which is why they choose to run the NXG-MACS.”

The commercialisation of this product represents the final step in the process for a project which has been both proactive and executed through a company-wide effort.

In addition to the NXG-MACS, NXG has a wide range of proprietary drilling tools including Drilling Reamers, Torque Reduction tools, Hole Conditioning tools, Anti-Vibration tools and other types of specialised equipment.

Rod said: “We’re stepping up our manufacturing of other tools contained within our portfolio. Our market analysis has shown that there is a real appetite within the sector to move onto the next generation of drilling technologies. This philosophy of continuous improvement is embedded within the NXG culture.”

NXG also offers in-house manufacture and repair services through its API Q1 accredited machine shop located at the former Longside Airfield in Aberdeenshire. It also supplies traditional bottom-hole assembly (BHA) equipment including Drill Collars, Stabilisers and Subs. The company has operations in nine countries and its solutions are used in more than 50 countries.

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