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Peli Safety Lighting for Hazardous Areas

The Peli™ range of ATEX approved torches was recently on display on the Peli Products (UK) stand at Offshore Europe exhibition in Aberdeen where it proved hugely popular. Each torch in the Peli safety range is certified to current ATEX requirements, for potentially explosive atmospheres such as silos, tanks and chambers where an individual may be exposed to a range of potential hazards.

Right angled, hands-free

The Peli™ 3415 Zone 0 is a versatile, right-angled torch designed specifically for use in hazardous areas. It features a 90° articulating head to angle the light where required. An integrated clip easily attaches to clothing for hands-free light. There is also a heavy-duty magnet; allowing the torch to be attached to steel surfaces, again allowing the user to keep their hands-free.

This model boasts three light modes – Flood for wide light, spot for a focussed beam and flood/spot combined. Available in high-vis yellow, the 3415Z0 is waterproof and provides up to 15 hours of runtime with a beam distance up to 135 metres.

Slim and compact

The slimmest safety torches in therange are the Peli 1975 Zone 0 and Zone 1 models.

These compact penlights are rugged and durable for tough work environments. They feature a secure clip to attach o clothing. Small in size and lightweight at only 54 grams yet they output a powerful 117 (Zone 0) and 94 lumens (Zone 1). The 2 AAA batteries last for more than 8 hours (Zone 1) and 2¼ hours (Zone 0). The Zone 0 version is manufactured with an anti-static body and shroud and both versions can be helmet mounted using the clip which is available as an accessory.

Rugged and powerful

From slim and compact penlights to a rugged hand lamp, the Peli 9415 Zone 0 illustrates the diversity of the range. It packs a powerful beam which cuts through smoke and fog. The ATEX Zone 0 rating ensures the light can be used in hazardous areas and features a sure grip handle for a comfortable and non-slip grip with an extra-large space to accommodate gloved hands.

The 9415 is designed to stand on end and the 120° pivoting head allows the user to angle the beam exactly where required. There are 3 light modes: High, Low & Flashing and a battery charge level indicator (Green, Amber, Red).

Professionals have chosen the Peli brand for many years; trusting in the reliability, performance and durability of the products in the most testing conditions.

For more details contact Peli at:

01457 869999


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