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KBA Training – the Changed Mindset


Well, the last 12 months has involved much change, yet we cannot establish where the rest is. Back in the days when training would be face-to-face and enjoyed human interaction, there was also online learning, or some may call it e-Learning. Many would say this is not as good as classroom training, yet there was a training requirement for such mode of learning. Then the change happened. If you are a training provider and have not adapted and overcome, then you will very likely not be sustainable. However, it is not about online or e-Learning anymore, although these modes of learning remain popular. It is about VIRTUAL training – ‘LIVE’ face-to-face training via communication channels such as Zoom, TEAMS and other software platforms.

This has brought a whole new dynamic to the way education, training, coaching, is now conducted. Consideration must be provided for studio capabilities, camera set ups, system interaction and learner engagement, trainer’s ability in using such systems, compliance with a myriad of accreditation body requirements or other rules to name a few. Yet now, VIRTUAL training is the CHANGE, and with all change, there are positives and negatives. The sceptical had a say, but the change makers had and made the action. With this action, the positive mindset is made, and training quality can be maintained.

Like any change, it comes with challenges. Today, you will see training offered online for everything one can think of. There remains an element of physical training that will always be required to gain competence and suitable knowledge and experience for some skill sets and industries. However, when we adapt, remain agile and overcome the challenges, a new world of training is and has been established.

For the forward thinkers, we must consider what is next? Back to the classroom? More engaging Virtual training? Or is there another change we have not identified yet? One thing is for sure - borders are removed, training has become more accessible for the masses, which should provide for a more informed and trained competency development process. With various online systems and training tools now available, we must continue the journey of change with an open mind.

“In 2020, while adapting and changing business processes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, KBA Training was the first to launch ‘Live’ Virtual Training for several Internationally accredited training courses. There was at the time reservations by accrediting bodies and delegates regarding the acceptability and how the learning will be provided. Having now run over 50 different courses, while based in Singapore with delegates attending from UK, Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Russia, Barbados, South Africa, Nigeria, Congo, Indonesia, the acceptance, and quality of our ‘LIVE’ VIRTUAL training speaks for itself. We have changed once and now we are getting ready to change to the next level, while our human-to-human training continues in Singapore helping to create a nation of qualified personnel and be job ready.” said Mr. Darren Brunton, Managing Director of KBAT.


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