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KBA Provides Industry Solutions — Remote Auditing

Over the recent months and challenging business and operational climate, where problems are continuously faced by the offshore marine and diving industry, KB Associates quickly adapted to provide ‘solutions’ to support our clients in Asia, Australia, Azerbaijan and Africa for their diving, ROV and equipment compliance audits.

This was achieved by various modes of technology and in implementing a remote auditing protocol that includes training personnel who are permanent employees of the contractor companies to support the remote auditor. KBA’s “Remote Auditing Guideline” document assists our clients to establish the technology systems, the process and requirements to be put in place to ensure that there is enhanced auditing capabilities and a robust methodology. In using various available technologies for communications, enables the best possible results – a balance of review of certification packages and photographic evidence via email, and remote onsite live streaming video is established in-lieu of the physical presence of the Auditor being onsite.

This remote auditing solution for conducting IMCA Diving and ROV system audits enables contractors and clients to continue with their corporate safety and contractual requirements and milestones, continue with project scope with the assurance that the systems have been checked against the industry standards and guideline requirements, and limit downtime due to travel restrictions and access to work sites for audit personnel.

Additionally, KBA’s remote support and solutions have been expanded to provide diving safety and technical authority (TA) requirements with oil and gas organisations, once again enabling clients to gain access to subject matter experts (SME) and competent diving, safety and ROV personnel for their project management and support needs.

KBA have a ready pool of experienced Diving and ROV auditors and Diving / ROV / Safety Subject Matter Experts in various countries, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, USA, Spain, France, Nigeria, South Africa Australia and New Zealand, who are able to conduct on-site audits and can be mobilised for remote audits or TA / SME support as our client’s needs dictate or where travel restrictions prevail.

The second core solution KBA have provided during this period of disruption, is in providing quality training. KBA Training Centre provides virtual training for all industry related courses. More recently our Singapore based training centre successfully launched the IMCA Diver Medic Refresher training virtually with practical and assessment partners based in Malaysia, India, Thailand, Philippines and the UAE, enabling IMCA Diver Medic Technicians to remain current with competence training and certification.

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