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GSB Single Bolt Subsea Connectors

Destec are market leaders in ‘High Pressure Containment solutions’, through design, engineer, and manufacture of clamp connectors, single bolt subsea pipe connectors, Desflex Compact Flanges, seal rings and boiler inspection caps.

Destec also provide specialist on site machining services and expertise to industry, this includes flange facing, portable machining, milling, bolt tensioning, line boring, inspection services and much more. With their range of expertise in water, power generation, Offshore, Oil and gas Destec can provide a global 24hr service.

Destec’s Subsea pipe connector or as known in the subsea industry the ‘Destec GSB Subsea Single Bolt Connector’ is a purpose designed unit for subsea connection operations where a conventional four bolt G-Range pipe connection would be impractical.

The GSB subsea pipe connectors are supplied with a mounting plate which can if required accommodate guidance/ pull-in systems for ease of alignment and provision for stab connectors for electrical and hydraulic circuits.

Standard G-Range or D-Range metal to metal Seal Rings can be used, or the customers own sealing arrangement can be employed.

Larger sizes and special designs (Dual Bore/Multi Bore/Concentric Bore) can also be accommodated. For example some GSB Connectors have been supplied with fabricated Spool pieces for mating to flexible risers.

For Subsea applications the GSB Connectors would be supplied with a combination of Molykote and Epoxy resin coatings. Designed for remote operations in the most demanding deep and ultra-deep water.

Alongside the standard clamp type connector there has always been a need for a connector where either repeated assembly, operation by remote operated vehicles, or powered drive has favoured the use of single bolt type connectors.

Destec Engineering now have many years of experience supplying these single bolt connectors in a very wide range of sizes, materials and pressure ratings. By using the range of Destec’s conical seal rings, the units are compact and cost effective, and have significant advantages where weight is a problem.

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