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Efficient and Reliable Rental Solutions

Atlas Copco Specialty Rental UK is a leading provider of temporary compressed air, specialist subsea cleaning, power generation and nitrogen generation. With extensive expertise in the offshore, renewables, and oil and gas sectors, we provide cost and energy efficient rental solutions for long or short-term demands, planned maintenance or unexpected emergencies.

Our breadth of rental equipment includes:

Power Generators

Our modular power solutions offer 30 – 1450 kVA, 380 – 690V, and are fitted with advanced power management systems including load sharing and service optimisation.

Designed specifically for the offshore and renewables market is our QAE30 diesel generator with a prime power of 30 kVA or 23 kW. At only 740 kg, this lightweight and compact generator will fit perfectly on your TP or platform without hindering operations.

Air Compressors

Our portfolio of oil-free or oil-lubricated, diesel or electric driven air compressors, air hoses, dryers, and receivers offer a top-quality air supply at any pressure and flow.

We are especially proud of our ISO8573-1 Class Zero certified oil-free compressors, which are ideal for critical applications, such as noise and vibration reducing bubble curtains. Moreover, our 100% oil-free compressors prevent traces of oil causing a flammable situation and help avoid a platform shutdown or worse evacuation.

Nitrogen Generators

Our innovative range of nitrogen generators offer purities up to +99%, pressures up to 33 barg, and flowrates up to 3000 cfm.

Subsea Cleaning

Our range of twin-pot Blastairs are capable of various surface finishes from marine growth removal down to bare metal, exceeding SA 2.5 standards to a maximum working depth of 300m. Our High Pressure Water Jetting units can be operated by divers or ROV, producing pressures up to 14.5k psi.

Our equipment is designed, manufactured, and tested to comply with ISO-1217 regulations; our machinery is built with API specifications in mind, and all units are fitted within DNV 2.7-1 lifting frames for offshore deployment, as well as rig safe compliance. In addition, our state-of-the-art control and monitoring systems ensure optimum performance and internet, satellite or mobile networks make field follow-up easier.

With Atlas Copco Specialty Rental you get more than just a machine. We provide a total solution to ensure rental equipment integrates flawlessly into a customer’s business, whilst delivering maximum productivity. Our breadth of services includes Specialist Technicians (GWO & BOSIET Certified); design of the installation; freight and logistical solutions; energy and fuel management; installation and commissioning; contingency planning; onsite operators; supervision and training; service and maintenance. We are with you each step of the way, 24/7.

Our triple ISO certification allows us to give you the strictest quality, environmental and health and safety assurance.

For reliable and highly engineered rental assets, contact our team:

01382 778999


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