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Digital Edge Subsea’s New Workstation DVR

In early 2022, Digital Edge are adding a new product to their range of digital video inspection systems. The latest is a triple monitor workstation DVR, with all of the capability of a 4U rackmounted unit.

It will be available in SD, HD and 4K configurations. With composite SD, HD-SDI, HDMI and IP camera inputs. The triple 17" screens fold out from the main unit to create a compact system capable of displaying sonar, ROV topside and DVR displays, within a small form factor. The system is supplied in a custom peli case and is available to rent or purchase.

As with all of their hardware, 3 levels of software are available:

1) EdgeLite: an entry level unit, suitable for surveys and inspections, where there is no requirement for eventing.

2) EdgeDVR will is able to record 4 channels of HD simultaneously. It continues to offer the creation of Workpacks and offline editing.

3) The EdgePro has an extended database that allows tasks to be assigned to components under inspection. This allows customers to either create their own Workpacks, or they can be created in-house at Digital Edge. Future development includes automatically generated reports to capture inspection results.

All units can also be configured with EdgeArchive, a data storage and back-up solution that uses an integral app within Edge architecture, to avoid needing a 3rd party app

Edge Archive handles the transfer of data from the internal DVR drives to Client storage, either on a NAS a Raid, or a phased delivery to multiple external hard drives.

Being a Native app, the data transfer ensures that the quality of Live recordings are not impacted by a 3rd party program trying to access the same file that the DVR app is currently using.

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