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Bespoke Swivel Joint Solutions

Since 1984 Rotaflow have been designing and manufacturing swivels joints. Through in-house design and manufacture our swivel joints allow one or more different flows through a single unit, enabling the pipework to rotate 360 degrees whilst carrying fluids (including hydraulic and pneumatic) of different pressures without cross-contamination or leakage.

There are many different forms of Swivel Joint (also known as rotary unions)… from very straight forward designs: F and FS series, Compact swivels, Heavy Duty to Articulated Pipework configurations and Floating Suction Arms, Jacketed, High pressure and the always tailored Multi-port designs.

Offshore and Subsea applications are our speciality. Our swivels perform effectively when faced with tricky environmental factors main issues being that of heat, pressure, size and material choice.

We have a great deal of experience and knowledge in designing Swivel Joint solutions for burner booms and umbilical hose reelers, and we are often called upon to resolve complicated situations that may involve retro fitting a better solution or indeed assisting in the design to improve a current solution for example: CALM buoy mooring systems, fire suppression systems and loading arms on bulk carrier vessels. 

Our joints are tailored for each unique requirement, optimising space and seal life.

We manufacture in Carbon Steel and 316 SS with “specials” in any grade of metal to suit customer specification: Titanium, Super Duplex, etc. 

With bores ranging from 0.25” to 40”; Vacuum duty to 20,000PSI and multi passaged designs allowing multiple flows of fluid though a single unit. 

We are specialists in taking your bespoke requirements and being able to design a solution that can fit your budget, dimensions, materials, FAT/witness testing; hygienic and pressurised environments. 

We regularly test to Hyperbaric, Seal Life and conduct Temperature/Pressure/Load Cycle Testing. 

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Please visit our Previous Projects page on our website for more examples of our swivels in use.

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