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Bender LIM Reduces Cost and Risk of Legacy System Upgrades in Oil and Gas Platforms

Cost effective upgrades to existing oil and gas infrastructure is a key requirement for operators, extending the life of offshore plant.

Globally, Bender has thousands of IRDH1065 line insulation monitors (LIM) installed in oil and gas fields on unearthed IT systems. That device is no longer available, but if a new unit is required Bender UK has introduced the ISOMETER® iso1065 as a direct, straightforward replacement.

Electrical faults due to insulation degradation are a primary cause of cable failure and system malfunction in harsh subsea environments and effective monitoring is essential. The ability to cost-effectively upgrade and replace monitoring technology is a key requirement in the maintenance programmes for oil and gas fields.

The direct fit and form ISOMETER® iso1065 LIM is a plug-and-play replacement, requiring no modification or additional equipment. It is quick and easy to install topside to complete any upgrade programmes.

Continuous monitoring of power cables and umbilical cables by the iso1065 LIM detects low insulation resistance levels to identify developing faults early, enabling pro-active preventive maintenance based on risk and asset condition assessment that avoids the severe financial losses resulting from failure or unplanned shutdown.

Robbie Mewton is the Technical Sales Manager at Bender UK specialising in the oil and gas sector. He explains “The iso1065 LIM has been specifically engineered by Bender to fill the gap left by the IRDH1065 which is no longer available but is still widely used by our customer base. Maintenance teams have recently used third party substitutes, but our like-for-like replacement now offers the simplest and lowest cost/risk solution for oil and gas operators seeking to maintain legacy equipment with tried and trusted Bender technology.”

This device delivers an accurate overview of electrical system data, and output readings of the insulation resistance levels - forewarning developing earth faults by alarming when insulation resistance level falls below pre-set threshold values. It has modern communication protocols for analysis of subsea systems including Modbus RTU, BMS interface (Bender measuring device interface) for data exchange with other Bender components, and IsoData (for continuous data output). Each device is equipped with automatic self-test connection monitoring to ensure operational reliability and performance and enable remote monitoring that saves engineers time when conducting electrical system health checks.

Bender is an expert in electrical safety worldwide and has set the industry standard for offshore insulation monitoring, with many new product innovations within its portfolio.

The UK team offer survey, installation and commissioning services, with certified Bender engineers available to offer advice and guidance on maximising the performance of new and legacy systems to support ageing offshore and onshore infrastructure.

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