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Historic Milestone for Industry Standard OTAQ OceanSENSE

OceanSENSE, the industry standard subsea leak and cement returns detection system, has reached a historic milestone with over 50,000 offshore days achieved! OceanSENSE passed the 50,000 days mark on a recent offshore project with global subsea leader Oceaneering International. An early adopter of OceanSENSE in its cement returns detecting role, it’s fitting that Oceaneering take OceanSENSE over the 50,000 offshore days mark.

OceanSENSE Diverheld

First released to market in 2009, the system has gone from strength to strength, cementing its position as the global industry standard equipment for offshore dye detection operations. OceanSENSE has achieved the 50,000 offshore days mark due to its hard-won reputation as a proven, trusted and reliable solution that delivers repeatable results, while protecting the environment and reducing offshore operational costs. With an international rental pool of over 100 assets, OceanSENSE is deployed to detect fluorescing dye escaping from leaking subsea structures or cement returns at the seafloor during well completions.

OTAQ Offshore Technical Director and OceanSENSE inventor, Dr Harry Rotsch, is suitably delighted by the systems success: “We are extremely proud of the industry’s acceptance and confidence in OceanSENSE as the world’s leading and most reliable leak detection system. We look forward to assisting our clients with their offshore operations for the next 100,000 days!”

OceanSENSE ROV Mount

Utilising cutting edge technology, the ROV mount or diver-held OceanSENSE is extremely sensitive. The industry standard when mixing fluorescing dye into the carrier medium is 200 parts per million — OceanSENSE detects dye down to 6 parts per billion. A software feedback-based solution that removes human judgement and inconsistencies from the detection operation, the system unequivocally informs the operator when dye is present in the water column, thus locating the leak, confirming asset integrity or confirming the arrival of cement at the seafloor.

OTAQ Offshore have recently moved into their new premises at the Aberdeen Innovation Park (Aberdeen, Scotland). Please contact us to organise an online site tour and technical demonstrations of OceanSENSE and also our DragonFish Laser Measurement System, Eagle IP Range of high definition cameras and IP device integration solutions. Serving the European market directly, OceanSENSE is available from OTAQ’s international rental partner Unique Maritime Group in the Middle East, APAC and the Americas.

OTAQ Offshore would like to extend their appreciation to all those involved in the success of OceanSENSE and we look forward to working with our customers and partners in the future.

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