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OTAQ Offshore Releases New Range of Underwater Ethernet Products

The range is a mix of advanced HD IP cameras and IP device integration solutions.

The Eagle IP Zoom and Fixed Focus cameras are a unique combination of full colour 1080p HD and 0.001 Lux low light capability coupled in one underwater camera!

Enhanced with optical and infinite digital zoom, these powerful units perform equally well in submerged bright ambient conditions as they do in low light environments, making them real go anywhere solutions. Meeting key industry standards (ONVIF, H.264, RTSP), the 10/100 BaseT ethernet units are rated from 300m to 6000m, are lightweight, come with their own GUI and are proven in the offshore sphere with multiple successful ROV and fixed installation deployments and rental projects achieved.

Next in the Eagle IP offering is our new underwater 180° & 360° Field of View 4K IP colour cameras. With a live ‘orbital’ viewing capability, the units can remove the requirement for mechanical pan & tilts. The operator can alter their angle of view in the live video stream to any required orientation, digitally zooming in on any target of interest in real-time. When footage is recorded, the operator can go back and look at any and all targets of interest as all of the environment was recorded all of the time. The units are ideal for situational awareness applications involving divers and ROVs and for confined ingress projects.

To assist clients with the integration of Eagle IP cameras and other IP devices to underwater systems OTAQ has released the Q-Hub and Q-Link. For subsea systems with onboard fibre optics, the Q-Hub enables offshore operators to access the full capacity in their Gigabyte (GBE) and 10/100 Ethernet channels. The Q-Hub is a subsea ethernet switch that connects its six 10/100/1000Mbps channels to a single GBE or 10/100Mbps channel. Outputting 24VDC with a maximum of 6 Amps available across the 6 channels, the Q-Hub is ideal for multi camera surveys, sonar applications and a variety of other underwater applications. As more underwater sensors become IP based, the Q-Hub future proofs existing fibre optics multiplexers. In many instances, the highly cost effective Q-Hub replaces the need to rent in a multiplexer for extensive sensor spreads.

For system running copper umbilical, the Q-Link is designed to telemeter 10/100 BaseT Ethernet over Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) copper cores. With proven transmission distances up to 1000m and available with 1 to 4 channels, the Q-Link has enabled Mini and Inspection ROVs to deploy with multiple advanced IP sensors onboard, enhancing their work scope and the operators service offering.

Their compact size and light weight in water make both the Q-Hub and Q-Link perfect for mounting to a variety of vehicle classes, monitoring platforms, landers and towed systems.

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