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Bender UK Appoints Robbie Mewton as Oil and Gas Technical Sales Manager

Robbie Mewton, MSc is a Technical Sales Manager at Bender UK. He joined the business in 2016 as an Applications Engineer, working with customers to support the end-use application of Bender industrial products.

Since January 2020, Robbie who is a certified offshore engineer, has progressed into a dedicated Oil and Gas Technical Sales role. He is responsible for the development of oil, gas and subsea markets that utilise Bender technologies for continuous monitoring, analysis and reporting of unearthed electrical distribution systems and provide advanced warning of developing electrical failure and earth faults. When asked about his move Robbie said: “My new role will allow me to be part of the whole process, from discussing a new problem with a customer to the design, install and commissioning process of a project.”

Robbie studied MSc in Electrical and Renewable Energy Systems Engineering at Loughborough University. He has previously worked on electrical systems – testing and verifying the electrical protection of the distribution system on oil and gas platforms in the North Sea.

In his new role, Robbie will continue to conduct offshore surveys on the health of electrical systems, ensuring Bender devices are set-up correctly and to locate, classify and identify earth faults. He aims to develop new applications for Bender oil and gas solutions and deliver technical seminars to educate end-users on the benefits of the technology.

Robbie is looking forward to meeting new contacts in the industry and seeking out new business opportunities.

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