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It Is More Than Just Client Worksite Representative Training

The Intangible Benefits of Upskilling and Upgrading

The roles and responsibilities of a Client Worksite Representative is more than just being the ‘eyes and ears’ of the client with regards to safety, planning, system and procedural assurance, daily operations, contractual requirements and ensures that the Contractor efficiently executes the approved scope of work in accordance with the approved procedures etc. With a slowdown in oil and gas over the past half-decade, it has never been more important for companies, individuals or current client representatives to keep pace with current industry development, by continuously upskilling or upgrading their skills and competencies.

A competency development course for client worksite representatives has been specially designed to ensure efficient management of the inspection programme and ensuring all procedures are properly applied and fully implemented for both onshore preparation and offshore operations of a project. This course is structured and in accordance with International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) ‘Diving Recommended Practice’ and International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) as well as any legislative requirements due to area of operation.

To date, KBA Group has conducted 63 schedules since commencement in Year 2011 and has trained a total of 487 candidates worldwide from - Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Japan, Canada, England, Spain, Portugal, France, Australia, Philippines, New Zealand, India, US, South Africa, Qatar, Nigeria, Egypt, Russia, Netherlands and Trinidad and Tobago. Regular schedules are conducted in Singapore, United States, United Kingdom, and with its first run for South Africa in Year 2016.

Oil and gas companies see the importance of training their in-house personnel so as to be self-sufficient and have received delegates from 20+ over operating companies and contractors over these years. This year alone, a total of five schedules were conducted with two bespoke courses exclusively for ExxonMobil in United States and one in-house training exclusively for Premier Oil Indonesia. The course syllabus for Client Worksite Representative is flexible, and customisable such that elements of Diving Regulations and Diving Auditing could be added and was delivered for Chevron Thailand and Total S.A.

Darren Brunton, Managing Director of KBA Group as well as the Lead Instructor for Client Representative Course commented, “With nine years of delivering this training, and in the current challenging market climate, it is positive to see forward thinking operating companies who are willing to ‘invest’ in their people, as well as freelance personnel being proactive to invest in their professional development, to ensure that they remain current with the legislation, safety themes and incident trends, and Recommended Best Practice."

Adding on, the training courses delivered in UK office are often attended by special guests such as the ‘Client’ and HSE Diving Inspectors. The informal presence of Clients and regulators has great significance whereby it is through this interaction that the delegates are able to gain an in-depth understanding of the role of the clients and regulator. The value added ‘sharing sessions’ provides the delegates an opportunity to ask questions directly to the hiring Client or regulator (or both), thereafter allowing and encouraging a more thorough understanding of their role not otherwise readily provided within a formal classroom five-day training programme.

Some of the recent course student testimonials:

  • “I enjoyed the interactivity and teamwork. Learnt a lot more than I thought I would. This is the second time I’ve taken the course with KBA and both times they have been excellent.” – Dean Fullwood

  • “Darren did an excellent job instructing the course and was extremely knowledgeable. I enjoyed the diversity of subject/topics. It is very informative and resourceful.” – Gilbert Gonzalez

KBA Group will continue to design and develop the training courses to provide best fit; value-added training that addresses the real issues and adjust the syllabus to ensure most up-to-date training is provided in regards to the changes in legislation and current near misses in the industry.

Career development is more than just training and getting a certificate – it should be about personal development.

Regardless which industry you’re in, continuously investing in your staff or in yourself and embracing a lifelong learning attitude is important for organisational growth and personal development. Those

with the right mind-set – to be proactive, dare to take risks and undergo a journey of skills upgrading, will reap the benefits in their organisations and career’s ahead.

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