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Desalign Compact Flange

Destec Engineering have been designing & manufacturing products for the oil, gas, petrochemical & power generation industry for 50 years, and now Destec have a new product for a subsea misalignment application.

Misalignment Flange

In some of the most hostile subsea blocks it is a challenge to connect pipes with a misalignment, with subsea movement of the sea bed, pipes being dislodged and pipe defects there is always a need to connect the pipes in a fast way with minimal cost and with current pressures this is not always achievable. However, Destec Engineering have made a compact lightweight pipe connection rated to 1500lbs which is also piggable in both directions and will give a 5-degree misalignment. After some research and demand for the Norwegian sector Destec realised that there is nothing that comes close to its Desalign Flange in the industry.

Destec has always gone with a compact design throughout its history and it is no exception with its Desalign. Desflex flange has Lloyds and API approval and a weight saving of up to 75%, its compact flange really is the best flange for high pressure and subsea applications. The Compact Destec flange have been used in many major projects throughout the world including the CATS pipeline, BP Quad, FPSO Kikeh, PVEP POC Platforms and Ekofisk 2 to name a few.

Destec 1500 RD Seal

The Desalign flange will mate with the Destec compact flange with a size range from 2” to 24”, but also can be used for topside if needed not just subsea. The Destec Seal ring is where the sweet point is in their designs. The basic principal of all Destec seal rings is to seal as close to the bore of the joint as possible whilst retaining a reliable and accommodating product which gives Destec a compact design. The Destec range is not only being used in its own subsea and topside connectors but also in military, aerospace, petrochemical, nuclear and power industry equipment with sizes from 13mm to 2700mm.

Many clients have drawn on Destec’s specialised knowledge and experience in the use of high pressure and high temperature metal-to-metal static seals. Destec have developed a sealing system which uses a modified cone ring, giving excellent leak tightness properties under the most severe conditions of pressure, temperature, thermal cycling and shock.

Desflex Compact Flange

Destec’s seal rings are being used as original equipment in client’s products, and also as replacements for original, troublesome joints.

With conversions of old joints to Destec seals, their engineers carry out the design modifications in accordance with established codes and standards, whilst the practical site work is handled by Destec’s on-site machining service, using portable machines to carry out the modification and re-build on site.

There are a few companies that sell similar products that don’t subcontract out their manufacturing process. Destec like to keep control of this process from start to finish, to maintain high standards. Destec also offer an onsite machining service, which rivals any other onsite machining company around the globe. Their manufacturing competitors don’t

Destec Regeneration head lift after cutting

have this and that gives Destec another edge in the market. Destec’s onsite team is there for machining their products offshore to maximise the production of the platforms but also, they can machine API, ANSI, NORSOK and other types of flanges. Some of the recent machining projects Destec has been involved in has taken them into hostile and challenging places throughout the world but they always maintain their quality. Next major projects coming up will be the machining and cutting of the 11.5 Reactor head and regenerator head at an Exxon site in Asia. Destec has the safest and most efficient way for doing the required work, which has time and cost saving benefits for the client using its on-site cutting technologies. Analysis has shown that previous sites worked on has saved their clients up to £6million with Destec technology compared to traditional water cutting. Destec currently has 3 live projects for this type of work including FCCU of 18 metres, which they are preparing for now.

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