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A New High Temperature Linear Heat Detection Cable for Extremely Harsh Environments

Early detection of overheating critical equipment is essential for preventing and reducing costly downtime.

LGM Products’ range of Signaline Linear Heat Detection cable is a cost effective and reliable method of detecting the early warning signs of overheat and fire for a range of applications from car parks to power stations.

The Signaline FT range of Linear Heat Detection cables are well known for their suitability in extremely harsh environments. They provide efficient and effective fire detection regardless of environmental conditions.

Signaline FT-230-X takes this one step further and provides our highest alarm temperature yet at 230ºC/445ºF.

FT-230-X is specifically designed to be used within extremely high ambient temperature conditions. Capable of withstanding a continuous ambient temperature of 170ºC, FT-230-X is the ideal solution for detection of overheats within machinery spaces and turbine halls.

UL approved and ROHS compliant, FT-230-X cable comes with a highly resistant green rubber coating. This provides protection for the cable from atmospheric chemicals, oils and UV.

This new cable is also fully compatible with the new Signaline LocatorPlus.

LGM Products’ Sales Director Nic Mogford-Revess said: “We are delighted to add the FT-230-X to our family of linear heat detection. The cable enables LGM to further our expertise in the specialised fire detection market.

“Fire detection in engine bays and cooker hoods presents unique and challenging environments. Signaline FT-230-X removes the challenge and present an easy and affordable solution.”

The Signaline range from LGM Products includes linear detection systems for fire and water detection.

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