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Reaching beyond its class – Seatronics Introduces VALOR ROV

Seatronics VALOR weighs in at less than 80kg in air yet offers the user flexibility and connectivity that would rarely be featured on an underwater vehicle of this size.

VALOR’s intelligent control system enables the user to fully utilize the power available from the SPE75 thrusters. Given the user can accurately control the thrust it is not necessary to reduce the gains to ensure smooth and controlled operation. Power is distributed to the appropriate thruster on the platform via the syntonic control system. Working in a similar way to traction control on a car, the control system considers the vehicles attitude, surrounding environmental conditions and the specific position of the thrusters, it then distributes power to the appropriate thrusters to ensure that the pilot’s command is carried out efficiently.

With a 100Kg lift capacity and payload capacity of 19kg in water, numerous skid solutions can be fitted to accommodate a range of survey sensors which allow a broad range of tasks be completed that would typically be reserved for a significantly larger platform.

The VALOR also offers a state-of-the-art multiplexor providing the user 40Gb of data bandwidth. The platform boasts 10 user configurable data ports which can each support 1Gb Ethernet simultaneously. Each port is prewired with all communication/voltage/current protocols ensuring that the user need not open the electronics pods to interface new sensors, this aspect is all handled via software, further adding to the systems robustness and versatility.

A dedicated 10kw 800v supply is also provided via the system umbilical should the user require additional power to support onboard tooling. This isolated supply ensures that any tooling operations do not affect the vehicles performance.

Dual manipulators can be added to further enhance the vehicles capabilities making this an ideal choice for inspection and survey.

The VALOR system offers the user a highly versatile platform given the significant payload, unrivalled power capability and ability to manage complex survey sensor packages. The compact design offers enhanced flexibility, whilst not compromising operational capabilities.

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