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Flowhire Supply Endress + Hauser Coriolis and Vortex Flow Meters for a Pipeline Blowdown Operation i

As the world leaders in the rental of flow meters and flow measurement systems, Flowhire were recently approached by one of the world’s largest oil and gas service companies to assist with temporary flow measurement instrumentation for a blowdown operation on the Zohr Gas Field.

The Zohr field is located in the Egyptian sector of the Mediterranean Sea and is estimated to lie in an area of 100 square kilometres (39 sq. mi) at a depth of 1,450 metres (4,760 ft). It was discovered in 2015 by the Italian energy company Eni and is the largest ever natural gas find in the Mediterranean Sea. The project will be large enough to satisfy a part of Egypt’s natural gas demand for decades to come.

The application called for high accuracy flow meters operating at both high and low pressures in a demanding environment. Flowhire supplied a combination of 3” Endress + Hauser Promass O Coriolis mass flow meters and 6” Endress + Hauser Prowirl O 200 vortex flow meters. Both the Promass O and Prowirl O flow meters are specifically aimed at the oil and gas industry given their robust design, suitability for harsh offshore conditions and high flexibility in terms of operation and system integration.

The 3” Promass O Coriolis flow meters will be used at the injection end of the pipeline to measure the flow rate of the air being pumped through the pipe. Additionally, the temperature indicator on the display allows the customer to monitor the discharge air for the system. The corrected volume and flow rate will enable the customer to calculate the distance and volume of the fluid displaced with or without pigs.

The 6” Prowirl O Vortex flow meters will be used on the depressurisation path. The meters will measure the volume of air that was initially injected into the pipeline as it is vented into the atmosphere. The flow meter is used as a safety device to ensure that the air is vented at a safe rate to avoid damaging the pipeline, pipework and silenced vents. By monitoring the flow rate, pressure and volume discharge, they can calculate the volume of air remaining in the pipeline and how long it will take to completely depressurise.

The Endress + Hauser Coriolis and Vortex flow meters were specified by our technical team for this project due to their high accuracy and reliability, which is essential for the customer to complete the depressurisation stage of this project safely and efficiently. For more information on Flowhire’s flow measurement solutions for the Oil and Gas industry.

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