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Cygnus FMD Continues to Impress the Subsea and Offshore Inspection Industry

The Cygnus ultrasonic Flooded Member Detection (FMD) system is a rugged, simple to use solution for detecting the presence of water (“floods”) in offshore members. It is the only product of its kind available on the market that is designed and manufactured by a dedicated, ultrasonic NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) specialist.

When the Cygnus system presents a Flooded / Not Flooded result, the result is backed up with a rectified A-Scan. This allows for the correct verification of a result and allows either the technician on site (or an off-site engineer at a later date) to confirm the reading is absolutely correct.

Additional features that have proven popular with offshore engineers and inspection technicians include a contact sensor that allows those monitoring an inspection to confirm that correct contact with the member has been made; a 4-way gimble which also assists with placing the probe correctly; and simple, intuitive software that will generate pdf reports for the client and has the facility to import Work Plans prior to deployment.

Ashtead Technology partnered with Cygnus Instruments in June 2018 in an exclusive arrangement to bring the FMD system to the International Rental Market, with ongoing hires for these systems currently mobilised from Ashtead Technology’s facilities in Aberdeen, Texas, Louisiana, Middle East and Singapore offices.

Scott Stephen, NDT Sales Manager for Ashtead Technology, is pleased to note that “the Cygnus Ultrasonic FMD System has quickly been adopted by the subsea inspection industry - and continues to grow a reputation for reliability and consistency of results. Cygnus’ UT FMD tool is proving to be an extremely reliable and effective tool for determining if subsea members are dry or flooded. The system has been used to great effect to carry out campaigns – some with hundreds of members to inspect.”

At the commencement of the agreement in 2018, Ashtead took delivery of 8 Cygnus FMD systems but have already increased that number to 14 - due to the rapid increase in global demand.

Scott Stephen continues: “Client feedback on these systems have been extremely positive and we are now seeing the Cygnus system requested in specifications for FMD campaigns. This is really exciting and we are both pleased and proud to support new innovation from other UK companies. The support shown from Cygnus has been a major positive. Cygnus are always keen to absorb feedback and develop ; most recently, Cygnus created a Configurable FMD Test data output (via COM port) that feeds directly to Digital Edge. In combination with an excellent base product, this is another excellent step to making this system the default choice for Operators and Contractors.”

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