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Master Flo’s new SL3 High-Resolution Subsea Actuator does this by leveraging installed subsea architecture to enable operators to safely increase production without overstepping and potentially causing formation damage.

Based on hydraulic stepping actuator designs, proven in subsea applications for over 20 years, the SL3 is backward compatible with existing subsea chokes while providing three times the number of opening set points of previous actuators.

This makes it possible to bring new production wells online with precision flow management that reduces the downhole pressure drop and surge experienced at each step, and thereby decreasing the likelihood of reservoir damage, sand production and debris that can damage equipment. For existing wells, production can be safely increased by opening subsea chokes to the sand breakthrough point in smaller steps.

The SL3 takes advantage of the electro-hydraulic distribution already in place in Brownfield subsea installations. This maximizes past investments rather than requiring additional investments in subsea architecture. In new production wells with high-control start-up requirements, the SL3’s high-resolution allows custom multi-port choke nozzles to be replaced by Master Flo’s standard patented 4-port cage and external sleeve design for most applications.

The 4-port design is recognized in the industry as providing the best erosion management, is more debris tolerant than multi-port nozzles, and reduces clogging of ports in heavy oil and high asphaltene production. Master Flo SL3 Subsea Actuator CV vs Steps CV - Master Flo P4 Choke Number of Steps in “Open” Directions Master Flo Enables Incremental Production Increases with New High-Resolution Subsea Actuator.

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