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Maintain competence by learning anytime, anywhere at your fingertips.

Safety Consultancy and Training Provider, KBA Training Centre Pte Ltd (KBAT), is proud to announce the launch of its first mobile application ‘KBAT Diver Medic’ and it is now available.

The Diver Medic Continuous Personal Development mobile application (DMT App), is developed with the aim to help diver medics (DMTs) maintain their competence. With insufficient practice, medical skills will fade overtime. Thus, it is crucial to stay current. This purpose-built application will allow DMTs to keep updated of the latest procedures, how procedures are carried out, maintain current with industry guidance and information, and partake in multi-choice quizzes to test and refresh user’s knowledge.

“After many months of development, we are really excited to launch this DMT App. Embarking on new digital technology is one of the key transformations we are adopting in our training services, and this being our first mobile application. The DMT App is close to our hearts as trainers and safety practitioners, since training, competence development and staying up to date with key lifesaving skills is paramount not just in the work place, but at home as well. This App has been designed to do just that, with interactive content and regular updates, the users will be able to refresh and develop their skills while remaining updated with new developments. Looking ahead, we will be working closely with our partners to develop more mobile applications for selected training courses, and we believe we will make a significant difference in keeping industry practitioners updated whilst raising the overall standards in the industry.” said Mr. Darren Brunton, Managing Director of KBAT.

The DMT App was awarded the First Prize at the iN.LAB InnovJAM Mobile Learning Innovation Day, held on the 27 July 2018 – an initiative by SkillsFutureSG and the Institute for Adult Learning Singapore. The award is a recognition for KBAT’s initiative to offer a solution using mobile technology to address the learning and development challenges that Diver Medics faced. However, with its rich multimedia content, use of illustrated graphics, animations, and videos of practical scenarios – it is capable in enhancing the learning journey. Moreover, users are able to download the modules offline via the APP and learn on the go; which is ideal for remote locations or offshore environment. The following are the three key features:


Maintaining competence is paramount for any skill set, and particularly for diver medic technicians, offshore medics, medics, and first aiders. There are over 50 modules of various topics – CPR, AED, oxygen providing, intravenous infusion refresher level, urine catheterisation, suturing, chest needle decompression and more. At the end of each module, users will need to undergo a MCQ quiz session to demonstrate knowledge acquired and understanding of the content. Users are given the option to repeat the modules multiple times till they have mastered the topic. This builds their confidence and allows users to become more proficient on the job.


Users can look forward to new information (i.e. best practices) and updates on videos, lessons shared so as to enhance their knowledge and competency. It consists of videos on practical scenarios and serve as a reinforcement of what was taught during the hands-on session at the DMT/ Refresher classroom training.


In today’s fast-moving digital era, and the change in consumer behaviour, the mobile application is developed to cater to users’ preference for learning on the go at their own time and convenience. The DMT app is made accessible on both smartphones and tablets.

It is available to both individuals and organisations. A free trial version, with limited access, is available for five days of usage.

For further information, please contact KBAT at +65 6542 4984

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