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Nord-Lock Group is a pioneer in innovative bolting solutions. The company has decades of experience solving tough bolting challenges in extreme environments all over the world.

Thanks to its extensive range of technologies, which are created in-house, Nord-Lock Group is able to meet the exacting standards required to support applications in offshore and subsea environments.

Tried and tested solutions

This range includes Nord-Lock wedge-locking technology, which prevents bolts from loosening, even when subjected to extreme vibration and dynamic loads. Nord-Lock wedge-locking washers have been used extensively in the offshore and subsea industries, including to maintain the clamp load on bolted joints on pipeline ploughs.

Superbolt multi-jackbolt tensioning technology has also been used to secure large bolts on gas riser handling systems used in deep sea drilling. This technology tightens large bolts safely and accurately using simple hand tools and allows operators to tighten bolts in the most difficult to access spaces.

Boltight technology has similarly been used to secure deep sea applications. Boltight solutions make it possible to tighten and loosen large bolts simultaneously while maintaining accurate load. Thanks to its expertise creating bespoke applications, this technology has been used to, tension bolts on structural split repair clamps on Emergency Pipeline Repair Systems (ERPS).

The latest technology in the Nord-Lock Group range is Expander System. The pivot pin system provides a permanent solution to lug wear, which allows operators to avoid costly and time-consuming repairs. Expander System has been the preferred solution on fleets of dredges working in challenging offshore environments.

Full lifetime warranty across all technologies

Nord-Lock Group prides itself in providing customers with technologies that have an unmatched reputation for reliability, performance and security – factors that are crucial in the offshore and subsea industry.

The Group launched a lifetime warranty across all its technologies in 2017, which ensures each solution performs as expected from the moment it is installed until the end of its intended lifecycle. For more information, please contact your local Nord-Lock Group representative – find the information on:

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