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Key Facts:

  • Gas-Pro TK is available calibrated to methane, propane or butane.

  • Dual range flammable gas sensor measures up to 100 %vol flammable gas in inert (low oxygen) environments; automatically switches to more sensitive %LEL range when lower levels of flammable gas are present.

  • Weighs only 340g; can be clipped to a belt, overalls or shoulder strap.

  • Hydrogen sulphide monitoring options available.

  • Personal gas detection and confined space pre-entry check functionalities.

Crowcon Detection Instruments has launched a new dual range portable monitor to add to its acclaimed Gas-Pro range. Gas-Pro TK has been designed for use in specialist inerted tank environments to monitor levels of flammable gases and oxygen. An environment where standard gas detectors will not work.

Fiona Macrae, Regional Marketing Manager at Crowcon explains, “We have created the new Gas-Pro TK device for the specialist application of monitoring inerted tank spaces during purging or gas freeing. It enables users to monitor the gas mix in tanks carrying flammable gas during transport at sea or on shore, such as oil tankers and oil storage terminals. At 340g, Gas-Pro TK is up to six times lighter than other monitors for this application; a boon if you have to carry it with you all day.”

In Tank Check mode, the Crowcon Gas-Pro TK (rebranded from Tank-Pro), monitors concentrations of flammable gas and oxygen, checking that an unsafe mixture is not developing. It uses dual IR sensor technology which detects the spectrum of possible flammable gas concentrations from high %vol to low %LEL. The device auto-ranges, switching between %vol and %LEL as gas concentration demands, without manual intervention, and notifies the user as it happens.

“What makes this detector special is the fact that the dual IR is not inhibited by high concentrations; nor does it require oxygen to work - unlike catalytic bead sensors which are totally unsuitable for this application”, adds Macrae.

The Gas-Pro TK is available calibrated methane, propane or butane. With IP65 and IP67 ingress protection, Gas-Pro TK meets the demands of most industrial environments. With optional MED certifications, it is a valuable tool for tank monitoring on-board ship. The optional High H₂S Sensor addition allows users to analyse possible risk if gases vent during purging, as well as the potential risk from pyrophores. With this option, users can monitor over the 0-100 or 0-1000ppm range.

As with other units in the Gas-Pro range of detectors, Gas-Pro TK has the additional benefit of offering full personal gas detection and confined space pre-entry check functionalities.


  • It will appeal to health and safety managers responsible for marine fuel tankers and on-shore oil storage terminals and tank farms.

  • Provides atmosphere monitoring whilst purging inerted tank spaces or returning to breathable atmosphere (gas freeing).

  • MED approved for vessels covered by the Maritime Equipment Directive.

  • Designed to perform in challenging inerted tank environments.

  • Has the additional benefit of offering full personal gas detection and confined space pre-entry check functionalities.


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